Episode 2: What The—?


“Room 201.. 202.. 20-

“Yes! Here I am!”

“Okay, Cypress Suits! I see you with your lil double doors! Cut up then! I knew y’all weren’t 5 stars for nothing!” Keke says swiping her hotel key in the door.

As the doors swing open, so does her mouth.

Ohhh Myyy Goshhh!


This is Crazy!

Keke pulls out her phone and begins to take pictures.

Okay Keke…be cool…

Act like you’ve been here before. It’s nothing.  You’re used to this.

Remember, you have class.

You have—

A  J-A-C-U-Z-Z-I?!?!


Oh my gosh look at this Jacuzzi!

And this balcony!

Okay, I’m sorry Lord.. but this.. is beautiful

Keke screams as she falls backwards on her King Sized bed. Both of her arms are stretched out.

“Now this is a vacation…”

3 hours later…

Nicole: “Auntie!”

Keke: “Hey Niecey poo! I miss you so much! I’m sorry, I didn’t get the chance to see you before I left.”

Nicole: “It’s okay Auntie! I’m staying the whole weekend with granny. So, I can see you when you get back! Besides, you need to enjoy yourself!”

Wait.. what? Did this 8 year old little girl just tell me I need to enjoy myself? Lord have mercy.. don’t tell me I’ve been working that hard to where even an 8 year old can see I need to rest.

Keke: “Niecey poo.. you are too smart for your own good.”

Nicole chuckles.

Keke: “Put granny on the phone.”

Nicole: “Okay. I love you!”

Keke: “I love you too baby.”

 Faye grabs the phone from Nicole.

Mhm.. you couldn’t have taken your mama with you huh?” Faye replies jokingly.

Keke: “Ma, I tried. You didn’t want to come, remember?”

Faye: “It’s not that I didn’t want to come. It just looked so fancy to me. How much are you spending there a night again?”

Keke: “The price doesn’t matter.”

Faye: “You carrying on like you’re a millionaire.”

Keke: “I am ma.” 

They both Laugh.

Faye: “Oh, that’s right, I forgot. Positive speaking huh?”

Keke: “Exactly! And if I keep saying it and believing it, one day you’re gonna look up, and I’m gonna be in a big mansion with butlers, chefs and maids.”

Faye: “Just make sure you got me a mother-in-law wing in the back of that big ole’ mansion of yours.”

Keke giggles. She takes her silk robe out of her suitcase and lays it on the bed.

Faye: “Well, I guess you’d have to get married for me to be a mother in law, or to have a mother in law wing.. and the way that’s going–

Keke: “Alright Ma, I love you and I will talk to you later.”

Faye: “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just don’t want you to be like me. That’s all.”

Keke: “I hear you Ma, but right now this bubble bath is waiting for me…and Ma? I need this…Okay?”

Faye: “Okay baby girl. Take pictures for me. I know it’s nice down there.”

Keke: “I will mama. Talk to you later. Bye.”

Keke tosses the phone on the bed and walks toward the mini fridge in the hotel. The Stella Rosa bottle is iced now. She takes it in her hand and grabs the ice bucket. She passes by the bathroom mirror before getting in the Jacuzzi.

“Look, Keke. You are going to relax! You got that?”

She slips out of her day clothes and hangs her robe on the wooden rack by the tub. Her body slides into the Jacuzzi with ease. The oils and bath beads feel so smooth on her skin. Just as she pops her Stella open, one of her favorite love songs start to play.

I’m giving all my love away,

And there’s only one reason that I would.

And baby it’s you…

The way you walk, the way you talk

The way you say my name..

Yes! Sing it to me Jesse!” Keke says sipping her wine.

She giggles to herself and lays her head back on the tub. 

This… is the life

No one around. No work. No interruptions—


Keke lifts an eyebrow and gives her phone the side eye.

It’s probably not important. I’m sure whoever it is, is just gonna—

*There is a knock at the door.*

What the— who could be at my door?

Nobody even knows I’m staying here. What in the world is going on?

Keke steps out of the jacuzzi and throws her silk robe on. She hears familiar voices chuckling at the door.

As she swings the hotel door open Jewel and China yell in unison-


Keke: “What the He—”

China: Uh uh Keke, you the saint! Leave the cussing to me!” China says with a raised finger and oh so serious mama face.

Keke laughs. China and Jewel walk in. She closes the door behind them.

Keke: “What are y’all doing here?”

China begins speaking in a fake proper voice.

China: “Well, we just so happened to be leaving the golf course, and as we cruised through the neighborhood in our BMW, eating caviar and oysters— girl you know damn well we saw your IG story!”

Keke laughs at China’s impression.

Keke: So y’all certified stalkers now?”

Jewel: “Yep and we called your mama to get the room number, so we had to stop by. You know? To check on you and stuff.” Jewel says as she opens Keke’s mini fridge.

Keke: “Uh huh…sure.”

China: “Dangggg Keke this is 5 stars fa’ sho’! Girl I’m happy my mama got the kids for the weekend. We finna be up in here kicking it!”

Keke: “Wait? We?”

China: “Girl, you know you want some company! The more the merrier!”

Keke hits her forehead with her hand and shakes her head.

Jewel: “What you got to eat up in here?

Keke: “Really Jewel?”

Jewel: “Yeah! I’m hungry!”

Jewel closes the fridge and starts to ravage through Keke’s bags searching for snacks.

Keke: “Okay…okay.. wait a minute.”

Keke continues-

“Now, y’all know I needed to get away for a moment. Right? And not just family and work, but away from everyone. Keke says emphasizing. I never get a chance to take a break. I’m always working, always praying, always doing—

China: “Everything except a man.”

China and Jewel burst out laughing.

Keke: “You know what? That’s not even funny. And if it ain’t my husband, it’s a SIN CHI-NA!” Keke exclaims.

China rolls her eyes.

Keke: “Anyway, I was supposed to take a break from, you know… life.. and as much as I love y’all and want y’all to be here with me; this is my time. For me to rest and—

Jewel: “Girl, we get it! We’re not here to impose on you Keke. We just wanted to stop by and see the place. I mean, I ain’t never been in a hotel like this!”

Jewel’s face lights up as she sees the bottle of wine in the bathroom. 

Jewel: “We just had to see it in person, that’s all.” she says pouring herself a glass of wine.

China: “Right! We don’t want nothing!”

China looks Keke up and down.

China: “Look at you, only been up here for a few hours and already getting Bouchie on us! Alright we’ll leave.” “Come on Jewel! “Let’s go back to The ghetto where us po’ folk belong.” China dramatically says walking away.

She puts a hump in her back like the hunchback of Notre Dame and heads for the door; her walk is slew footed.

China: “Come on Jewel. Let’s gone’ on back yonder.”

Jewel: “Girl you retarded.”

All of them burst into laughter.

Keke: “Ugh… I cannot stand y’all.”

Jewel: “But for real though? You ain’t got nothing to eat up in here?”

Keke: “Is that all you can think about Jewel?”

Jewel shrugs her shoulders as she finishes her glass of wine.

China: “Ooh! I know this good place that’s a few minutes away from here. I haven’t been in a few years, but the last time I went, it was the fye-fye! I also heard they have the best pasta in town.”

China looks at Keke with a smile. She knows Keke loves Pasta. It only takes a second before Keke responds.

Keke: “Okay, I’m always up for some pasta. Let me get dressed and I’ll meet y’all in the lobby in a few minutes.”

China: “Alright girl don’t have us waiting too long.

Keke: “I won’t, it will only be a few minutes.”

Jewel: “Hurry, cause I’m hungry.”

They grab their purses and head out. Keke closes the door behind them. She exhales.

“So much for a vacation.”



Savanna walks into ‘Peter Puttens’ Diner. Her makeup is flawless. Her cheeks are rosy red. Her eyes are glittered for the gods. Her hair is slicked back into two curly buns; just like Gerald likes it. The hostess greets her at the door.

Hostess: “Hi ma’am, do you have a reservation?”

Savanna: “No, I don’t.”

Hostess: “If you’re not ordering from the to-go bar then I’m sorry, but this restaurant is reservation only.”

Savanna: “Oh, I know that. I’ve eaten here before. I’m here with—

Gerald walks up and places a hand on Savanna’s lower back.

Hostess: “Mr. Putten!” “Oh, I’m sorry sir! Let me get the two of you to your table right away.

Savanna gives an arrogant look and twist her lips up at the hostess. Gerald waves to a few customers as he and Savanna are escorted to their table.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m with THE “Mr. Putten.” The son of the man who owns these restaurant chains. Put some respect on your voice when you’re talking to me. Didn’t think a girl like me could get a man like this huh?

The hostess shows them to their high top table. She cracks a joke while touching Geralds arm playfully. Savanna sits down and grabs Geralds hand. The hostess gives Savanna a sharp look before placing the menus down and walking off.

Gerald turns to Savanna. 

Gerald: “Baby, don’t pay her any attention. She’s been working here for over 10 years and has practically seen me grow up. She thinks nobody is good enough for me or my brother. She’s like a big sister to us. 

Gerald orders a whiskey from the bar. His cup is sat down almost immediately after ordering. The hostess that showed them to their table walks back over and brings them silverware. She puts her hair behind her ear & smiles. Savanna squints her eyes at her. 

Yeah, you may see her like that; but I guarantee she doesn’t see you as her little brother. To her you ain’t nothing but a fine rich man; who just so happens to be younger than her. Tramp. I see you.

Savanna responds sweetly: “It’s okay babe, I just thought she would have recognized me by now. But I guess not.”

Gerald: “Savanna, this place sees so many people on a day-to-day basis. I’m sure every woman who comes in here wearing a cheap dress with clown makeup on, all look the same to her.”

Gerald sips his whiskey. He begins texting on his phone.

Savanna: “What?”

Gerald: “Come on Van, you know what I meant. You don’t look like that. But a lot of women who come here, do. They’re hoping to run into me, my brother, or my father while they’re here. This place stays full of gold-diggers, you know that. That’s why I barely come here.”

Savanna: “Oh, okay..”

Savanna plays off her hurt and smiles. She ignores the sting from his comment and  looks down at the menu.

Gerald: “Hey, I’m gonna have the lobster dip and cheesy leaf bread for my appetizer what do you want?”

Savanna: “A salad is fine.”

Gerald: “That’s all?”

Savanna: “Yes babe.”

Gerald’s face gets cold. Savanna sees this and gets nervous.

Savanna: “Should I get something else? Do you want me to try something else Gerald?”

Gerald: “No, that’s fine. That’s what you always get. Why would I expect you to do anything different tonight?

Gerald hands the menus to the waiter and puts their order in. Savanna feels a pain deep within her stomach. She pulls out her compact mirror and checks her makeup. Once she sees she looks fine, she slides the mirror back into her purse.

I hope Geralds not in a bad mood today. He seemed so happy on the phone. Should I have ordered something else? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with him? Why is he acting like this?

The waiter rushes to place their orders. Savanna lays her hand on top of Geralds. He moves his hand back and places it in his lap.

Savanna: “Babe.. is everything okay?”

Gerald takes another sip of His whiskey.

Gerald: “It’s just.”

Savanna: “Yes?”

Savanna is on the edge of her seat.

Gerald: “You”.

Savanna: “What?”

Gerald: “It’s you. It’s not me.”

Savanna: “Gerald, I don’t understand.”

“What are you talking about?”

Gerald sighs before taking another sip of his whiskey. He turns to face Savanna.

Gerald: “You have no personality.”

Savanna: “What?”

Gerald: “You’re always watching your figure, eating salads, drinking water, and doing whatever I WANT you to do. You have NO Personality Van. Except the personality you think I want you to have.”

Savanna: “Gerald! How can you say that?”

Gerald: “Van, last week I asked you to pick a movie and you didn’t pick one. The week before that, I asked you to choose our date night. I said, whatever you wanted to do we would do, and I would pay for it. Baby, I wanted to spoil you! I wanted to know what makes you smile and what makes you happy! I wanted to see a different side of you! And you know what you said back to me Van?”

Savanna is searching her brain trying to remember.

Gerald: “You said, No babe, you’re so perfect at everything, you do it.”

Gerald continues.

—“It was cute the first few times we went out, but after a while, it got boring. I don’t know. I just don’t feel myself when I’m with you. I feel trapped. Like I can’t be real. No…

I feel like YOU can’t be real.”

Savanna’s eyes are welling with tears.

“You want everything to be perfect all the time. And you always do WHATEVER I say. We’ve been together for almost 2 years Van, and I still don’t even know what you look like without makeup on! You wouldn’t even go swimming or eat BBQ at my dad’s pool party last month! I’ve never seen you be yourself.”

“Do you even know what that looks like Van?”

“Do you even know what that is?”

Savanna: “Gerald,… I can be whatever you want me to be.. I promise.. I can cha—

Gerald: “Here I am, spelling it out for you, and you still don’t get it.”

Savanna goes in her purse and pulls out a few kleenex. She wipes her eyes. Gerald takes another sip of his drink. He looks down at his phone.

Savanna: “Are you texting right now?”

Gerald ignores her.

Savanna: “Gerald! We’re in the middle of something and you’re just going to ignore me to text?”

Gerald: “It doesn’t matter anymore anyway, so.”

Gerald humps his shoulders and looks back down at his phone.

Savanna: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Gerald: “I’ll be taking over my dad’s restaurant soon. It’s doing well, but it needs more management to keep it on track. He gave me and my brother the option to either manage one of the restaurants, or go back to school.”

Gerald pauses. 

“And…” Savanna says intently.

Gerald: “I chose the one in Miami, and my brother chose the one in Memphis.”

Savanna’s eyesight is clouded with tears. She cannot believe what she is hearing.

Savanna: “You mean you could’ve chosen to stay here but you didn’t?”

Gerald keeps his eyes on his phone. 

Gerald: “I don’t know. I just wanted something new. A new scene. A new start. A new–

Savanna: “Woman?”

Gerald looks at Van with disgust. He can’t believe her. He has never cheated on her. He has hurt in his eyes, but he quickly collects himself. He takes another sip of his whiskey.

Gerald: “I’m flying out first thing Monday Morning.”

Savannas heart breaks in two. She starts whimpering louder than before. Gerald stares at her. For the first time, since they’ve been together; he is seeing her mascara run and makeup messed up. 

Savanna: “Gerald! How can you say this to me? You’re my everything. I thought you loved me.”

“We did everything together…”

“You took my virginity Gerald.”

Gerald: “I didn’t take anything.” 

Gerald’s face is hard and stern. The waiter places their appetizers on the table. Savanna is searching her purse trying to find more kleenex. The waiter passes her a napkin. She snatches it out of his hand.

Gerald: “You want to pray?”

Savanna: “No.”

Gerald blesses their food. He sprinkles his lobster dip with pepper and salt. Savanna watches him in anger as he dips his bread and begins to eat.

Savanna: “Why are you acting so cold?”

Gerald: “Savanna, I’m not cold. And I’ve already told you.” 

Savanna: “Gerald.. I want us to work. I just don’t under–

 “It’s dull Savanna!” Gerald yells while slamming his fists down on the table.

The entire restaurant turns to look at their table. He smiles and lowers his voice.

Gerald: “Its dull. It’s lifeless! And as much as I tried to be there for you and give you all of me. It was never enough for you to trust me. Nor was it enough for you to show me all of you. And after two years Van…

I’m done.

I got enough fake people around me agreeing with everything I say and do, just because they want a piece of the Putten fortune.

I just never thought I’d see my girl act like that…

Gerald shakes his head with disappointment.

“You want to know what’s funny Van?”

“Sometimes, I try to make you mad just to see how you would act. Just to get some kind of response out of you. But you never budge. You just accept it.”

“Guess you’re too scared to lose out, to call me out on anything huh?”

“Even when I’m wrong.”

Savanna looks down at the floor.

“When I come home from the world Van, you know what I want?”

Savanna looks back up. Her eyes staring into Geralds. The look on her face is almost begging Gerald for another chance. Gerald doesn’t look at her. His eyes go to the old couple across from them. They look well into their 60’s. He sees them laughing. The man takes his fork and feeds his wife. She gets cheesecake on her lip. Her husband kisses it off of her. They both laugh again. Gerald smiles. He looks back at Savanna.

“I want a woman I can be myself with. A woman who’s going to excite me. A woman that has a different opinion sometimes. I don’t need a robot. I got enough of that out there in the world.

The only thing I asked for, was for you to be real with me Van.

And you couldn’t even do that.”

Gerald stands up and tosses his napkin on the table. The server rushes over.

Gerald: “Let her order whatever she wants. It’s on the house.”

Server: “Yes sir.”

Gerald leans into the booth to kiss Savannas forehead. He stares at her.

Gerald: “Damnit VanI really wanted this to work.”

Gerald: “I’ll come by to get my things Sunday morning. I know you don’t have a job right now, so, if you need anything, I’m here. The apartment is paid up for the rest of the year so you have about six months left on the lease before you have to find somewhere else to stay.”

Savanna is frozen solid. Gerald searches his mind to see if there’s anything else he’s forgetting. While he waits for Savanna to respond, he reaches into his wallet and pulls out a fifty dollar bill. He lays it on the table for the waiter.

He waits a few more moments. Savanna doesn’t budge. He reaches for his glass and takes one last sip of whiskey. 

Gerald: “I really did love you Van…”

He buttons his blazer and walks off.


Jewel: “We about to get some pasta! We about to get some pasta!”

Keke: “Jewel hush before these white people kick me out of this hotel!”

China: “You ain’t lying! We don’t need to be too loud just in case we run into a Karen. “I saw 3 negro girls walking the halls menacingly! They were singing scary pasta songs! I feared for my life! Ahhhh!”

Keke: “Would y’all shut up!”

China and Jewel try to hold in their laughs.

Keke: “I swear, I cannot stand y’all! I gotta go get the car from the valet, can y’all behave till I get back?

Jewel: “Ooh..well aren’t we fancy.”

China and Jewel mocks Keke as she walks off.

I have to go get the car from the valet.” Jewel says stretching out her hand. China dramatically kisses it. Keke rolls her eyes at them.

Valet: “Ms. White?

Keke: “Yes?”

Valet: “Here’s your car ma’am.”

Keke: “Thank you.”

Valet: “Just alert us from your phone when you’re on your way and we’ll be here to park it for you when you return.”

Keke hands the young man a tip.

Valet: “Thank you.” 

China and Jewel walk towards Keke’s truck. The valet opens the car doors and helps the girls get in. Once they’re all in, he shuts their doors. Keke pulls out of the parking lot and drives toward the freeway.

China: “Girlllll….I can get used to this. Now this is what I’m talking about! 5 star treatment, at a 5 star hotel! All I need is some 5 star DI–

Keke: “You better not say that!”

China: “What? I was just gonna say 5 star dinner.”

Keke stares at her through the rear view mirror.

China: “You know? Cause we about to go eat.”

China and Jewel burst into laughter again.

Keke: “Why is it? That I’m the youngest out of the two of you; yet, the only one with sense.”

Jewel: “You just uptight that’s all. That don’t mean you got more sense Keke.”

Keke exhales.

Keke: “I’m done with y’all.”

Keke turns her radio station to 88.5. “Can we talk” by Tevin Campbell is playing. Immediately, China and Keke starts singing. Jewel joins in. The night is warm and windy. The wind from the sunroof is blowing through their hair. Jewel stops singing and looks at the both of them. 

Man, I miss this. We haven’t hung out in so long, it feels like forever. This is what I need in my life. No grandma, no mama, no dad. No family drama. Just this, right here. I try not to think about it too much, but dang I miss my girls. We used to be so close before life put us all in separate boats and shipped us away.

I know we can’t live in the past but I used to live for those girl nights back then.

It was always an escape for me.

Keke: “Jewel you okay?”

Jewel: “Yeah, just thinking.”

China: “About food probably.”

Jewel: “No, I was just thinking about us.”

Keke: “What about us?”

Jewel: “This.. I miss this. I miss us hanging out and coming to each other’s dorm rooms and being silly and just kickin’ it.”

China: “Yeah, I know what you mean girl. Since my two kids came into this world; it seems I don’t ever get a chance to do anything anymore. I mean, sometimes I do, because my mom will give me a break from time to time; but it sho’ll ain’t like it used to be.” 

Keke: “There’s a season for everything. Come on…y’all know that! Seasons change, people change and life changes; and you just gotta’ learn to live and appreciate the moment you’re in now. I read this in a book once.”

“If we had no winter, then spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

“With that being said, just enjoy where you are Jewel. A more promising time is coming, I promise. I know you may miss the past, at times I do too. But don’t focus on it, less’ you miss the beauty of right now.”

China: “I knew you was finna say some deep sh**!”

Keke: “What? I’m serious y’all!” Keke says looking back at China.

China and Jewel are both laughing.

Jewel: “Yeah… I guess you’re right Keke.”

Keke: “We’re here y’all!”

Keke makes a right on Park Avenue and pulls into “Peter Puttens” Diner.

Jewel: “Oh, I’ve heard of them. Ain’t this Savanna boys place?”

China: “Yep! And they got that fye-fye!”

As the girls get out of the car they see Gerald walking to his Porsche.

Keke: “Gerald?”

Gerald looks shocked. He thinks Savanna called them. He gets nervous.

China: “Damn ain’t nobody gon’ bite you. What’s up?”

Gerald: “Hey y’all.” He says hesitantly.

Jewel: “Hey.”

Gerald: “What are y’all doing here?”

Keke: “We’re just in the neighborhood Gerald. What are you doing here?”

Jewel: “Shouldn’t you be somewhere with Savanna?”

Gerald lets out a sigh of relief. He knows Savanna didn’t tell them yet.

Gerald: “Uhm.. this is my restaurant so.” he says humping his shoulders.

China: “Touché negro. Touché.”

Gerald: “I gotta go. If y’all see Van…

“Tell her… I really did try.”

Gerald gets in his car and closes his door. Keke, Jewel & China walk off.

Keke: “Alrighty then.”

Jewel: “That was strange.”

China: “Yeah, as hell…”



China, Jewel and Keke walk into the restaurant. Everyone is dressed up. Keke looks down at her leggings and half t-shirt and feels embarrassed.

Keke: “Had I known the place would be this nice I would’ve changed clothes.”

China: “You good girl, ain’t nobody stun’ these folks.”

Jewel takes off her jacket and passes it to Keke.

Jewel: “Here you go, oh conservative one.”

Keke: “Whatever Jewel.” Keke says grabbing the jacket from Jewel.

She wraps the jacket around her waist. When she’s finished tying the jacket; she looks up. What she sees, she cannot believe. Savanna is at a table crying. Her makeup is everywhere. The table is loaded with tissue and paper towels.

Keke: “Oh My God.”

China and Jewel turn to see what Keke’s staring at. Their mouths drop open once they see Savanna.

Jewel: “Guess we know why Gerald was in such a rush.”

China: “Oh hell naw! Let me see if I can catch that Obama looking a** negro! Got my friend at a table crying!”

China runs out of the restaurant. Keke and Jewel walk slowly over to Savanna’s table. Savanna sees them and hurries to grab a paper towel. She covers her face with it. 

Jewel: “Savanna?”

Savanna: “Who else would it be?” 

Savanna rolls her eyes. Her face is red. Keke says nothing. She tries not to stare but she can’t help it. Seeing her friend this way is making her sad. She immediately feels Savanna’s pain.

Savanna: “Don’t look at me like that Keke. I bet you’re happy to see me like this. I bet your mind is full of I told you so’s right now isn’t it?”

Keke is taken back. She knows Savanna is hurting, so she ignores it.

Keke: “What? No Savanna, I just-

Jewel: “You don’t have to be a b**** Savanna!”

—“We came over here to see why you were crying and to check on you, but what I’m not finna’ allow you to do, is attack me and Keke just because you’re in your feelings. We don’t deserve this mess!”

Savanna: “I didn’t ask you to check up on me! If I wanted you to be here I would’ve called you! What the hell are y’all doing here anyway?”

Jewel: “You know what? Let me go before I say the wrong thing. Keke, if you need me, I’ll be waiting over here for our food.”

Jewel walks off. She mumbles under her breath. China walks back in. Jewel shakes her head as she sits down on the booth by the door. After China has a few moments with Jewel she walks over to the table.

China: “Savanna? What’s going on girl?”

Savanna is embarrassed, she doesn’t want to look up. 

China: “Savanna?”

Keke: “Savanna is everything okay?”

Savanna: “Do I look okay to you?”

China: “Look, I know you’re hurt but we’re just trying to help.”

Keke: “If you don’t want to talk about it, we understand. We’ll give you your space and—

China: “No we won’t! You sitting over there looking like Rose from ‘The Titanic’ and got my black a** running after Gerald like Flo Jo’! Like hell I’m gon’ wait! I wanna know what happened!”

Keke hits herself in the forehead and looks down to the floor shaking her head.

Savanna: “Damn he left me China! What do you want me to say?”

China: “First of all, I ain’t Keke! And I ain’t finna take too much of this nasty attitude from you. We both know I will cut you and gut you, amen?”

Savanna smirks. Even when Savanna is sad she still manages to laugh at China’s antics.

China: “I’m glad we got some out of you.”

Savanna: “I’m sorry…this is just too much.”

Savanna balls the tissue up in her hand. She looks at the older couple Gerald was looking at before he left. They look so happy. Looking at them sickens her. She looks back at Keke and China. She is lost and doesn’t know what to say.

Keke: “Hey…Savanna, you don’t have to try and force words to come out. Sometimes, silence is all that needs to be said.”

Keke places a hand on Savanna’s back. Savanna burst into tears.

China: “Aww…come here Van.”

China pulls Savanna into her chest. She hugs her just like she does her sons when they’re having a bad day.

China: “It’s going to be okay girl. We’re going to get through this together. okay?”

Keke places her arms around China & Savanna. Once Jewel sees this she walks back over to join the group hug.

Savanna: “I gave him everything..

I did everything right.

I was the perfect girlfriend.

I was everything I thought he wanted..

I was everything…

Everything but what he needed…”



Alright ya’ll you’ve just read Episode Two of Thoughts of a Single Black Christian Woman!” If you haven’t read the first episode (which I hope you have) here’s the link “Episode 1: FLOWERS

Happy reading!

I will see you ladies soon!

***Sorry, it took 3 weeks! I’ve been busy like crazy! Hopefully, the next Episode will not take this long! Anyway, I hope you ladies enjoyed the read! Let me know what you think below!***

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11 thoughts on “Episode 2: What The—?

  1. I immediately went back to read the first blog!! It’s been a min and I forgot what happened! But my, my, This was good!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! My take is this: Jewel is so me! Keke is me on a good day lol. China is definitely my sister, and I love the fact she keeps everybody laughing. Savanna is annoying and in my opinion Gerald seemed like a nice guy who just had enough of Savannas crap! I don’t blame him for seeing through her! I hope she grows! But that’s my take!! I can’t wait for some more episodes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!! Thanks sis! Glad you came and read the blog!! And I love the feedback!! And lol nobody likes Savanna right now 😅 but she matures with time trust me. Lol and yes sis stay tuned!!! ♥️🔥☺️ A new episode will be coming soon!


  2. You cannot start a series and make us wait weeks before the next read. This was that good Takyah. I was mad when I got to the end please keep this going WEEKLY okay thanks lol 😝😊

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    1. I’m so sorry love!! I have been so busy working on this album 💿 but I will be back to you guys soon! I know, I hate that I didn’t wait to start telling the story until after my record was done, but a new episode is coming soon!! Please stay tuned! ☺️♥️ it’s going to be well worth the wait.


  3. I still do not like Savanna 😐. China is my favorite! Keke and Jewel are cool too! But Savanna? Yeah, no. Gerald was a shock at first I thought he would be a jerk but now I see why he left her. She needs to get a grip. Very well written. The characters seem so real

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    1. Hahaha a lot of people don’t care for Savanna but keep reading you’re going to be surprised how she grows ☺️ and Yeah Gerald is not such a bad guy he’s just wants “realness” and thank you!!! And haha yeah the characters probably seem real, because they are real 😅 but thank you so much!! ♥️


  4. My love muffin, @Takyah Love hunni I love it. Yesssss keep me guessing. The twists and turns. I love it. These ladies need each other more than they know. It’s said that there’s always rain before the sun start shining. It gets worse before it gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks for coming to read sis!! And I appreciate the feedback and love so much!! And yes they do! It’s going to be a lot ahead but they will be each other’s keepers throughout the whole journey!! And stay tuned it’s going to get even better!! ☺️♥️


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